Phacilitate Leaders Forum

17th - 18th SEPTEMBER 2019


We get better by empowering the person who sits beside us

We get better by empowering the person who sits beside us

Conferences are a funny thing. 

Sometimes it's not the keynote presenter that creates the game-changing takeaway. As a conference organiser, you might find it ludicrous to hear me say that. After all, these are the people we shout about the most when we encourage you to buy a ticket! 

The thing that has the most impact on you can often be simple, like the person you sit next to for lunch who will inspire you to change the way you’re looking at a problem RIGHT NOW. Or the woman behind you in the queue at the bar that is now your new investor, supplier or customer. 

We Get Better By Empowering the Person Who Sits Beside UsIn Miami last year, Claudia Zylberberg, CEO of Akron Biotech said 11 words that we scribbled down; this quote still sits proudly on our fridge in the office. ‘We get better by empowering the person that sits beside you’.

Who will you sit beside this September at Phacilitate Leaders Europe? Will you use it as an opportunity to empower them?


With so many conferences to pick from every year, it's getting harder to decide which will be the best to spend your money on. Which will give you the best opportunity to advance your pipeline or close your next deal? What if you looked at it a different way and asked yourself, 'Which forum can I use to inspire my community?'

It's easy to look at the conference agenda and wonder what value can you extract from it. It's harder to ask, 'what can I put into this? Who can I empower? Can I inspire someone to do one thing differently?' 

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Rather than shout about all the unmissable keynotes, we thought we'd share a few sessions this year, that you could get involved in 'and empower' someone else:

  • Feedback loop: How are ATMP companies implementing the new GBP guidelines in Europe
  • CGT Roundtables: What were the tangible outcomes of the Automation Special Interest Group?
  • Workshop: CFDA pre-IND meeting preparation and IND submission in China for cell and gene therapy



With more attendees than ever before, hopefully some of the sessions above will help you find your tribe at the only whole eco-system event for advanced therapies in Europe.  


- Michael Adeniya, event director, Phacilitate

  • Real thinking forward combining experts in the field from manufacturing, regulatory and value vision” – “great network with strong experience and sharing risks & opportunities
    Jean-Philippe Combal
    GenSight Biologics
  • The conference consistently proves to be a great forum for networking with industry leaders in the development of cellular and gene therapies as well as vendors for important technologies and services.
    Michael Covington
    Juno Therapeutics, Inc
  • It was a very interesting event as all participants, including speakers were ready to exchange, even on the most challenging subjects such as reimbursement, GMP guidance
    Bertrand Alexandre
  • Phacilitate EU delivered it's promise and more, the topics discussed were highly relevant, with very good and professional speakers and panelists. You will see me next year in Berlin.
    Dr Ohad Karnieli
    Karnieli Ltd