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17th - 18th SEPTEMBER 2019


European Success Stories

European Success Stories


We are delighted to share with you some of our favourite European advanced therapy Success Stories. One of the aims of Phacilitate Leaders Europe is to advocate and promote Europe as a region of opportunity for this industry, as we strive to improve the standard of healthcare for the patients that need these therapies.
Our Success Stories are intended to inspire and encourage faith in Europe. Enjoy!

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  • WHO: bluebird bio
  • WHEN: June 2019
  • WHERE: Amsterdam
  • STATUS: Approved by the EMA

The buebird therapy for beta-thalassaemia (a rare inherited blood condition that causes severe anaemia) addresses an unmet medical need.

As such it benefited from support within the PRIME scheme, EMA’s platform for early and enhanced dialogue with developers of promising new medicines. This interaction led to a more robust application package which allowed accelerated assessment of Zynteglo in 150 days, the fastest review time for an ATMP to date.

Find out more about EMA PRIME here

Find out more about Zynteglo here


Collaboration between TCR2 Therapeutics and Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult

  • WHO: TCR2 Therapeutics and Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult
  • WHEN: April 2018
  • WHERE: Stevenage, UK

TCR2 Therapeutics, is to become the first US organisation to work with the Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Catapult at its Stevenage manufacturing centre.

TCR2 has selected the facility to establish a site for global manufacturing and capability development to advance novel T cell receptor therapies for patients suffering from cancer.

By choosing to work with the Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult manufacturing centre, TCR2 Therapeutics demonstrates to the world that the UK is a global leader in this sector.

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  • Real thinking forward combining experts in the field from manufacturing, regulatory and value vision” – “great network with strong experience and sharing risks & opportunities
    Jean-Philippe Combal
    GenSight Biologics
  • The conference consistently proves to be a great forum for networking with industry leaders in the development of cellular and gene therapies as well as vendors for important technologies and services.
    Michael Covington
    Juno Therapeutics, Inc
  • It was a very interesting event as all participants, including speakers were ready to exchange, even on the most challenging subjects such as reimbursement, GMP guidance
    Bertrand Alexandre
  • Phacilitate EU delivered it's promise and more, the topics discussed were highly relevant, with very good and professional speakers and panelists. You will see me next year in Berlin.
    Dr Ohad Karnieli
    Karnieli Ltd