Phacilitate Leaders Forum

17th - 18th SEPTEMBER 2019


Industry content

Industry content

Cell and gene therapy manufacturing capacities in Europe 2017

Manufacturing and process development for cell and gene therapies is growing rapidly in Europe…but so is demand.

Ensuring enough manufacturing capacity is now critical, this infographic provides information about where and when manufacturing capacity is available in Europe, along with in-depth detail about the facilities, clean rooms and product types.

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Investment Report

The advanced therapy sector is a rapidly growing industry which offers substantial investment opportunities for those able to understand and overcome the significant challenges to successful commercialisation.

Investors approaching the advanced therapy sector are faced with extensive barriers but strategies for risk mitigation are increasingly established. In partnership with Biotech and Money, we’ve produced a report detailing and analysing this, as well as the wider challenges and opportunities of the advanced therapy sector.

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We Get Better By Empowering the Person Who Sits Beside Us

Conferences are a funny thing. 

Sometimes it's not the keynote presenter that creates the game-changing takeaway. As a conference organiser, you might find it ludicrous to hear me say that. The thing that has the most impact on you can often be simple...

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Has Japan’s regenerative medicine experiment paid off? 

The first episode in Phacilitate:Exchange's top tips video series is brought to you by Lee Buckler, President and CEO of Replicel Life Sciences. In this episode, Lee provides his expert perspective on the question…has Japan’s regenerative medicine experiment paid off?

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Interview with Dr Steven Anderson, Chief Scientific Officer, Covance

In this interview Dr Steven Anderson provides his expert on:

  • the ongoing advances in cancer immunotherapy, together with precision medicine
  • learnings from testing for PD-L1 expression in recent pivotal phase III 
  • how Covance is utilising clinically relevant models to screen immuno-oncology therapies and translational strategies

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How to find the perfect CRO?

Successful development of advanced therapies relies on robust CRO partnerships but the industry is facing huge challenges with identifying and selecting the right partner with the right expertise.

This infographic provides a snapshot of how the industry is tackling these challenges and allows you to benchmark your outsourcing strategies and get some insight into how pipelines are progressing over the next few years.

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HTA and industry perspectives

Watch the whole presentation on 'Profiling the current environment and predicting the future for ATMP evaluation, pricing and reimbursement in Europe' that was recorded at one of our Phacilitate Leaders Europe events.

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  • Real thinking forward combining experts in the field from manufacturing, regulatory and value vision” – “great network with strong experience and sharing risks & opportunities
    Jean-Philippe Combal
    GenSight Biologics
  • The conference consistently proves to be a great forum for networking with industry leaders in the development of cellular and gene therapies as well as vendors for important technologies and services.
    Michael Covington
    Juno Therapeutics, Inc
  • It was a very interesting event as all participants, including speakers were ready to exchange, even on the most challenging subjects such as reimbursement, GMP guidance
    Bertrand Alexandre
  • Phacilitate EU delivered it's promise and more, the topics discussed were highly relevant, with very good and professional speakers and panelists. You will see me next year in Berlin.
    Dr Ohad Karnieli
    Karnieli Ltd